Honesty, Reliability and an Outside-the-Toolbox Approach.

The TRU Story

Growing up in a family of skilled craftsman, Tony Rozic learned the importance of quality and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Starting at age six, he tagged along on every job he could with his father and uncles, soaking in everything possible. Generations of experience was passed down as he learned skills ranging from woodworking to welding, roofing to retaining walls and metalworking to auto mechanics.

After earning Industrial Engineering and Business Administration degrees from Ohio University, Tony worked as a design engineer in the automotive industry. His keen ability and understanding of how processes and technology work together made an impact on the company in numerous ways, bringing profitability to departments that had lost money for years.

But, Tony’s passion continued to quietly pull at him to return to his beginnings. So, in 2005, he founded TRU Handyman Service.

Tony, however, has always been more than a handyman. His analytical background, fresh design sense and meticulous attention to detail have enabled him to offer broader services to a wider variety of homeowners and businesses. And he’s been able to do it all while maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

In 2013, after years of being told he’s “much more than a handyman,” Tony concluded it was time for a new business name that better reflects the high importance he places on workmanship. Hence, the name TRU Craftsmanship Renovation & Repair Specialists was born.

TRU Craftsmanship proudly serves the north Pittsburgh area, including Beaver, Butler and Allegheny counties.

We’d love to talk to you about your next home, kitchen, basement or bathroom remodeling, renovation, installation or repair project. Please contact us any time.

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